Inspiring visitors, funky fingers and wacky science

It's been awhile since we’ve been able to share our learning so we are pleased that the blog is back this week! So, today you can read about Year 1/2’s Great Fire of London theatre experience and Year 3/4’s visit from Christ Church! Year 5/6 have been very busy too, including fun science experiments, their in RE on the resurrection and you can also read about their wet - but fun - biathlon. Finally, you can also read about Year R’s finger strengthening work - and get some ideas on how to help at home to improve fine motor skills and develop handwriting!

Year R - Making our Fingers Strong

Year R have been working really hard to develop their fine motor skills to help them with their handwriting. They have been busy rolling, squeezing, grapsing, threading, stacking, scrunching and lots more!  These activities are great fun for at home home too, we hope these photos give you some fun ideas.

Year 1/2 - A Great Fire of London Theatre Experience

Yeah 1/2 were visited by Rainbow Theatre Company. The children had a fantastic morning learning all about the Great Fire of London through drama. The children watched a performance learning lots of facts about this historical event and then took on different roles focusing on the use of expression and actions. 


Year 1/2 loved taking part in the school Biathlon. They displayed great sportsmanship by cheering for their house team. They enjoyed the running and many showed off their bike riding and scooter skills.

Year 3/4 - A visit from Christ Church, Winchester

On Wednesday 6th April, some members of the children’s educational group from Christ Church in Winchester visited Year 3/4 for the day.  Together we delved deeply into the Easter story from Lent up to Easter Sunday.

After introducing themselves, the church team roleplayed significant moments from the Easter bible story including Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Once the children had an opportunity to reflect on what they saw, they got into groups to freeze frame the important moments focusing on the possible emotions and feelings that people at the time may have had.  The team from Winchester then helped the children to reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made and used the analogy of a dirty shirt.  The dirt being the sins of people that Jesus then took upon himself as his own sacrifice.  The children then learnt the words and actions to an upbeat song.

After break, each class wrote a diary entry of a disciple as well as learning how to find the books, chapters and verses in a bible.

The final part of the day was again in small class groups that were each given a part of the story to become experts in.  The group made some information posters about either Palm Sunday, Good Friday or Easter Sunday.  Each group then presented their knowledge and posters so that other children could then record notes for their books.

The group for Christ Church in Wincherster were a lovely group of young people who shared their faith and enthusiasm well so that the children not only had a great learning experience but an inspirational one too.  

Year 5/6 - The Mountbatten Biathlon

The children began the week by taking part in the Mountbatten biathlon. Despite the wet conditions, the children really enjoyed a physical way to start the week. In RE, the children explored the resurrection story as we prepared for Easter. In English, the children wrote informal emails based around the class book ‘Mr Wuffles’. In mathematics, the children have been working in equivalent fractions, volume and ratio. The children have also been learning about reversible and irreversible changes in science.

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