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It's really wonderful to see the children back into some sporting action again! Some of our lucky Year 1/2 children headed over to Starlight Gymnastics and Year 5/6 competed in a local hockey tournament. Back in school, Year 3/4 have had a fiery start to their new topic 'Icelandic Explorers', whilst our Year Rs have been a little more explosive!

Year R - Firework Fiesta!

Year R have had a brilliant week learning about Bonfire Night and how this is celebrated with fireworks! We talked about our own experiences of going to see fireworks and even had our own display outside with stunning pom pom rockets! Dancing to firework music was a particular highlight as was creating our own pictures using glitter. We have also been using our computer skills by using the touchpad on the laptop to draw colour on a black background.

Year 1/2 - Budding Gymnasts

On Friday 5th November some lucky Year 1/2 children were able to go to Starlight Gymnastics (next to Frankie’s Fun Factory) in Romsey. We all felt very excited and a little bit nervous about what we would be doing. 

When we first arrived we carefully listened to the instructions about what we were going to do and how to stay safe. The two instructions were:

  1. To listen to the instructors.
  2. Have fun!

There were trampolines that launched you up into the air, almost as high as the ceiling! We could climb like monkeys up a rope, obstacle courses and bars that we could hang on.

My favourite part was going on the trampolines because we could jump really high and practice our tuck shapes. Teddy

My best part was going on the really big beam because it was soft and bouncy and you could jump off at the end. Jude

I had such a good time that I have more than one favourite. I liked the hanging ropes (even though it burned your hands when you went back down), the obstacle course where you could roly poly down the slope and the beams. Oliver

My favourite part was climbing up the rope and I enjoyed the trampolines and doing somersaults on the bars. Reuben


Miss Knight said she was really proud of us because we all pressed our effort maker buttons and gave everything a go, even if we were nervous to start with. We hope we can back again.

Written by Teddy, Jude, Oliver and Reuben

Year 3/4 - Icelandic Explorers

As part of the new Year 3/4 topic of ‘Icelandic Explorers’, the children spent the morning looking at folk tales.  Icelandic people have a rich history of storytelling (in fact one in ten Icelandic people will publish a book at least once in their lifetime).  Firstly, the children sat round a campfire and listened to Miss Pascall tell a traditional folk tale with a moral – ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’.  Each group then played ‘Chinese whispers’ to help them experience the notion that stories change and evolve with each telling.  Back inside, the children warmed up by reading a range of tales while trying to tease out what features they all had in common.  Future learning will see the children plan and write their own version of a folk tale that has a lesson to be learned.

Year 5/6 - The Highwayman

Years 5 and 6 have had an excellent return to school this half term and have really got stuck into their learning. The children have been learning to use short and formal written methods for division where the children have divided three and four digit numbers by one and two digit numbers. They have also enjoyed exploring, ‘The Highwayman’, as part of their writing unit. In science, the children have been looking at the human circulatory system and the roles of the heart and lungs. In our history project, the children have been exploring whether the Battle of Britain was a turning point in history and they have looked at the events that led to the Battle of Britain taking place.

On the 22nd of October,10 children went to a hockey tournament at Mountbatten School. The team won one of eight games, and drew another one of them. Ida Hughes was awarded player of the match 3 times in a row by other schools. At the end of all 8 games we won the Respect Award which was collected by the Captain, Nevaeh! The team were amazing ambassadors for the school and it was a really fun and exciting tournament. Let’s go Team Rownhams!

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