Gardener’s Delight

Our Year 1/2 children had a wonderful time at Beaulieu Motor Museum, including a ride on a double decker bus. The children were a credit to the school and thank you so much to all the parents and carers that were able to help out. Meanwhile, our Year 5/6 children have been debating whether the Battle of Britain was a turning point, Year 3/4 have been experimenting with bones and Year R have visited the Moon! Our Eco-Committee have also been busy tidying up our Spiritual Garden. Thank you to our green-fingered parent volunteers, too!

Gardener's Delight

On Thursday lunchtime, Miss Selman and the Eco-Committee were hard at work in our Spirituality Garden preparing the beds for planting. As you can see from the photos, the children and adults had a brilliant time! We can’t wait to see how the area develops in the coming weeks and months. A huge thank you to the parents who came in to help and advise us. 

Year R - Whatever Next

Year R have been inspired by the story ‘Whatever Next’. The main character is teddy who wants to visit the moon so he makes himself a rocket from a cardboard box, uses a colander as a space helmet, his welly boots as space boots and blasts off to the moon!

We designed about made our own rockets, retold the story in our role play area and used shapes to create our own pictures of rockets.

Year 1/2 - Trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum

In Year 1/2 we have been getting creative, designing our own mode of transport to display in Beaulieu Motor Museum. We have come up with great ideas; cars in the shape of animals, cars fuelled by candy canes and ones that have cookie makers inside! 

We discussed our ideas with the educators at Beaulieu and had an amazing time visiting the museum. We went in the vintage car, whizzed around on the double decker bus and saw the grounds of Beaulieu on the Monorail. We were one of the first schools to try out the new play area and we enjoyed learning about how transport has changed over time. I think our collective favourite was the orange car! Our teachers were extremely proud of us and how we represented our school. Members of the public commented on how kind, thoughtful and responsible we were. Go team Rownhams!

Year 3/4 - Brilliant bones!

Have you ever wondered about the strength of your own bones? Well our year 3/4 classes have been experimenting with something just like this. By being given some straws and a force meter, they have been testing how strong they are. They noticed that the shorter the straw the more strength it had.

Year 5/6 - A turning point?

The children have had a busy week completing this term’s assessments. They all worked really hard, tried their best and showed excellent resilience. The teachers were all really proud of their efforts. In history, we brought together our Second World War topic and made a decision as to whether the Battle of Britain was a turning point in history. In science, the children continued to explore the circulatory system and investigated how their heart rate changed after different physical activities and then published their findings using bar and line graphs. We have been really pleased with the children’s use of Mathletics at home and we would like to encourage you to keep using it to practise at home.

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