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Our library is officially… OPEN!

Our new library is officially open, thanks to children's author and illustrator, Simon Chadwick! Elsewhere, Year R have headed back into space, Year 1/2 have been studying 'old' technology, Year 3/4 have been mimicking Kandinsky and Year 5/6 have been very busy, including a workshop with the fire service.

Library opening

We were very luck to have Simon Chadwick, author and illustrator of many children’s books, officially open our new Key Stage 1 library. The library was installed in the summer holidays and the children have been using it, but we really wanted to give it the grand opening it deserves! It is a great space for our younger readers and they have really been enjoying and exploring the range of new books available to them.

They have also been enjoying their story time from some of our best story-tellers in the story-tellers tree! One lucky group of children were treated to a story from Simon himself when he came to open our library this week. 

In attendance, we also had one of our parent governors, Emma Witch, and our new Chair of the PTA, Kelly Harris.

After the opening, Simon went on to inspire our children with special workshops in the hall. The children had a wonderful time!

You can find Simon’s books here:

Year R - 3, 2, 1......Blast off!!

What an exciting week we have had in Year R. The children have enjoyed learning more about our solar system and displayed their natural curiosity by asking lots of questions.

They have been busy in the workshop area learning how to use split pins to make moving pictures – do you like our astronauts? Tudor had the brilliant idea  to create a background for his astronaut using black paper, stars and pictures of planets and this inspired lots of us to have a go.

Year 1/2 - Sketching changing technology

In Art, Year 1&2 looked carefully at different shading pencils to see what shades and tones they could produce. We looked at what shapes could be seen in the objects, making them easier to draw.  We squinted our eyes up to see the dark and light. 

Here are our sketches that we did from the History box called, ‘Changing Technology’. We especially liked seeing the changes in telephones and irons.

Year 3/4 - Northern lights in the style of Kandinsky

Last week, Year 3/4 had a visit from some trainee teachers at the University of Winchester, which we loved! Having studied Anthony Browne books last half term, we were so excited to revisit ‘Voices in the Park’. We read the book and then looked at the different voices, thinking carefully about what the voices were doing and how they were feeling. After creating a mind-map of our ideas, we created freeze frames to showcase each voice. A huge thank you to the students who came to teach us – we had a brilliant session!

In our Art lessons, we have been studying Kandinsky. We had a go at painting like him in an abstract style and incorporated our learning on Iceland by painting the Northern Lights. Have a look at our amazing creations!

Year 5/6 - Proud of our Printing!

In their writing, we have continued to study the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. The children focussed on the character of Bess and wrote a recount from her perspective. They applied the skills that they had learnt: creating suspense and using pronouns and synonyms for cohesion. 

In maths, the children have explored what square and cubed numbers are and how to find them as well as solving a range of reasoning problems relating to them. 

In their art and design project, the children moved around the different classrooms to experiment with different printing techniques. They all really enjoyed making their own stamps and carving designs into polystyrene. 

On Friday, all the children took part in a workshop by the Fire Service on fire safety at home to help them to become more aware of ways they can spot danger and keep themselves safe at home.

A group of 9 girls from Year 5 and 6 attended a football festival at Mountbatten. The team worked incredibly well together, supporting and encouraging each other. They showed fantastic sportsmanship and demonstrated our school values throughout! Well done girls!

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