Be Bright, Be Seen!

With the dark evenings drawing in, it's really important to make sure we are keeping safe! Thank you to Miss Adams for organising our successful 'Be Bright, Be Seen' campaign! This week, we also have been making obstacle courses in Year R, designing and creating forms of transport in Year 1/2, printing like Vivienne Westwood in Year 5/6 - and Year 3/4 had a wonderful trip to Butser Farm! Thank you all of the adults who helped to make our day so much fun!

Be Bright Be Seen!

A big thank-you and well done to everyone for making such a fantastic effort to dress bright for our ‘Be Bright Be Seen’ day. The whole school was glowing. We had fun learning the importance of why it is important to be seen (especially now the evenings are darker), and what we can do to keep safe. We came together as a whole school tp celebrate the brightest costumes in each class. We shared our learning and ideas on how to continue to be safe and demonstrated the importance of crossing a road without our hoods up or earphones in. Our JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officers) played a vital part in our assembly and designed their own t-shirts to promote the day. 

Thank-you for your generous donations. We raised £200 for the PTA! 

Miss Adams 

Road Safety Officer

Year R - Bending, Balancing and Bouncing!

Year R have loved making their own obstacle courses outside this week. They showed us how strong they are by lifting, carrying and rolling our loose parts and demonstrated excellent balance skills and they carefully made their way over the obstacles, even managing to hop and jump along some sections. We were also really impressed by the way they demonstrated our school values by helping, supporting and encouraging their peers. Well done, Year R.

Year 1/2 - DT Day!

Year 1/2 took part in an exciting day of Design Technology! The children spent the day designing and creating a form of transport. The teachers were amazed with the children’s creative ideas and sawing skills. As well as testing out their vehicles to check that the axels worked, they evaluated their learning and fed back to their peers. What a fantastic day had by all!

Year 3/4 - Visiting Butser Farm

What an amazing day Year 3 and 4 had at Butser Farm this week! We took part in 4 different workshops; 2 took us back to the Stone Age and 2 took us to the Roman Era. We made some Roman jewellery using metal wire pliers, carefully bending the wire into rings and bracelets. Jewellery was an important symbol of status for the Romans and we loved being able to make our own little piece to take home. Our other Roman Era experience took us into a Roman Villa where we handled some Roman artefacts. Wearing a Roman helmet and trying on some of the heavy jewellery were particular favourites! 

Outside, we enjoyed becoming archaeologists, digging for artefacts. Bones, bits of pottery, horseshoes, old keys, bits of flint, tools…so many finds! It was so exciting to dig carefully with our trowels and to discuss what each of our finds could be and how they may have been used. We learned how archaeologists square up their dig so that they can see if they find similar items in the same area – that helps them to piece together the jigsaw of what they have found. 

Perhaps one of our favourite activities was learning about how the Romans built dry stone walls using flint. We worked in teams to build our own dry stone wall, fitting the stones in to fill the small gaps. It was like a 3D jigsaw puzzle! The best part was testing out the strength of our walls by carefully walking along them!

Sitting around the fire in a Stone Age roundhouse was also a favourite part of the day – especially when we got to eat our lunch there! Our clothes were probably a bit smokey and muddy when we got home but we had such an amazing time!

The children were brilliantly behaved and completely engaged in all of the activities. All of the adults were very proud of them! One of the staff at Butser even told us that the children were one of the best groups they have ever worked with in terms of their knowledge and engagement – amazing!

Year 5/6 - Vivienne Westwood Style Printing

This week the children have been working on solving problems using equivalent and mixed fractions. In writing, the children wrote first person recounts from the point of view of Bess and it was lovely to see so many children challenging themselves with their choice of language to create vivid images and suspense in their writing. The children have also been writing about Tim The Ostler, a dark and sinister character, as we continue to explore The Highwayman. The year group also took part in a workshop with an author which they all enjoyed .In their project work, the children designed and made their own print using their own chosen media based on their experiment last week.

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