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Looking after yourself

This week we have been thinking about our minds for Mental Health Awareness week as you can see from Year R. They have been learning how to look after themselves by exploring nature and their senses.

I have also been treated to some fabulous examples of children’s writing this week. Year 5/6 have been writing persuasive letters and Year 3/4 have been writing character descriptions based on their book Orion and the Dark.

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Year R - Looking after ourselves

For Mental Health Awareness Week we have been connecting with nature by using our senses! We had so much fun feeling and smelling the grass, listening carefully to the different noises we could hear, looking at the clouds, hugging trees. We even managed to taste the rainwater too! It was salty like the sea! The highlight was taking our shoes and socks off to feel the grass on our feet! It was tricky to try and pinch it with our toes! 

We have been thinking about our emotions and what we can do to make ourselves feel the best we can. The Colour Monster book has been a firm favourite, with the classes decorating their own colour monsters to show their own feelings. We have been detectives and have learnt about how each one of us are different. We even learnt how to take our own fingerprints and looked at how each one is different! 

The children have loved using different materials to interpret the food they eat and create their own meals using different materials! They have enjoyed being chefs in the mud kitchen, creating shopping lists, writing rainbow red words and have been roleplaying and playing games to secure their knowledge of teen numbers. A fun filled, fantastic week!

Year 1/2 - Describing Orion and the Dark

Over the past few weeks Year 1/2 have been reading the brilliant story of Orion and the Dark by Emma Yarlett. We have been looking at the main character Orion and how he is scared of lots of things but most of all he is terrified of … the dark! We have been discussing in our classes what our fears are and inventing strategies to overcome them. 

Take a look at our fantastic character descriptions of Orion and the Dark, we have worked very hard to write these independently. Don’t they have some fantastic descriptions?! 

Year 3/4 - Olympians in the making

After being dazzled by decimals, having fun with fractions and learning how to accurately describe and punctuate speech, Year 3/4 were also let loose with the new javelins. It is clear to see that we have some future Olympians in our phase! We have also been checking to see if any visitors are continuing to enjoy their stays in our fantastic bug hotels.

Year 5/6 - A Nowhere Emporium in the New Forest?

Year 5/6 are continuing to read the book, The Nowhere Emporium by By Ross Mckenzie. The story is about a magic shop – owned by Mr Silver – which allows customers to experience different rooms and places they would normally only visit in their dreams.  In reading lessons,  the children have created concept maps to show how the different themes in the story link together (magic, silver, friendship, bullies) and also how other stories they have read make similar connections for example Narnia, Harry Potter. Look how many connections they made.


The children have also written persuasive letters to encourage New Forest District Council to build a Nowhere Emporium in the forest. The children had to use many features of a persuasive letter including: emotive language, rhetorical questions and flattery to get their point across.  Enjoy reading some examples – would it convince you?

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