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Another fabulous week for Team Rownhams! Year R have been superheroes, Year 1/2 have been learning about levers in their design technology lessons and Year 3/4 have been making bug hotels!

Year R - Superheroes!

Year R have been having super fun exploring what it would be like to become super heroes.  We had different capes to try on, we designed capes and wrote about our super powers.  

We have also been using musical instruments to practise being musicians and some of us have even sung along to the tunes.   

Some of us have been exploring the job of builder and have used big building building materials.  

Some of us have been designing clothes cut out models and for the dolls to wear.  The later proved quite tricky as dolls are not an easy shape to cover.

In maths we were learning about what digits mean in numbers above 9.  Some of us can make numbers with numicon shapes in the 20’s or 30’s.  We have also been developing language about shape and have used tangram pieces in problem solving activities.

We were very pleased to have Mr Brown back for P.E. and were very happy to explore the new climbing equipment on the field.

Our plants are growing well so we should have a colourful display soon.  We have borrowed four of Mrs Garrod’s fish from her pond to look after as our tadpoles were not keen on staying alive!

Year 1/2 - Learning about levers

This week Year 1 and 2 have been practising their DT skills by looking at moving books with pop-ups, levers and slider mechanisms! We know they can’t wait to show you their amazing new learning when we make our levers!

We have continued with our round robin of measurement lessons involving learning about volume and capacity, and weight and measure. Thank you for all of your participation at home with the continuation of the children’s investigation and discovery of these exciting mathematical concepts.

Year 3/4 - Bugs!

This week, year 3/4 have been making bug hotels as part of their learning in science.  This longitudinal study aims to find out which species of insect or arthropods live in and around our school grounds.  Firstly, the children safely cut out a square from a clean plastic bottle then filled it ⅓ the way up with natural detritus such as soil, leaves and twigs.  They then covered the hole with mesh so that rain can get in but the bugs can’t get out.  Each group then carefully placed their bug hotel in different places around the school.  Each week the hotel will be inspected to see what creatures have taken up residence there.


If you see one lying around, please leave it alone – thank you.  We’ll report back to you what we found!

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