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Making a splash!

It's been another great week in school with children making a splash in their capacity lessons, learning about and trying out some Japanese art, exploring magic tricks and writing imaginative descriptions and... mixing paint and colours and welcoming some new visitors in Year R.

Year R - When I grow up...

This week in Year R we have continued to explore our hopes and dreams for the future. We have made props for the ice cream parlour and have used money to pay for our treats. We have also made restaurants and written our own menus as well as teaching each other sounds in the school role play area. Year R have also been painting pictures of what they want to be using mixed colours. Did you know that blue and yellow make green?


We are so excited as this week we have acquired some new visitors in our outdoor area…fish! We are learning how to look after them and are enjoying watching them grow. In addition to this, we have also continued to plant seeds and now have a flower wall. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful colours!

Year 1/2 - Magnificent Measuring

This week Year 1 and 2 have really enjoyed reading their new topic book ‘Orion and the Dark which is part of the ‘I am Brave’ topic. 

We have moved on to measurement in Maths which includes, capacity, weight and measure which we are doing as a round robin style with each class doing one topic per week for the next three weeks. To accompany this we have some exciting Post Office role play areas where the children will be weighing and measuring packages and parcels. 

Year 3/4 - Kensuke's Kingdom Art

In our Art lessons this week, we have been studying the paintings of the Japanese artist, Hokusai. This has inspired us to create our own art work to use as the front covers of the books we are writing. We used different media to recreate the picture ‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’ and thought about the texture and vibrancy of pastels, watercolour paints, art pencils and coloured pencils. We considered which were easiest and hardest to use and which created the best range of colours. We can’t wait to share our finished book covers with you.

Year 5/6 - The Nowhere Emporium

After a slow reveal of the new book we are looking at as part of our topic (The Nowhere Emporium), children were fascinated by some clips of magic tricks and we had great discussions about how they might have carried them out! Also, as part of our hook about ‘The Fair at Nowhere’ the children designed dioramas for a fairground room that might be found in Mr Silver’s Nowhere Emporium, being as creative and imaginative as possible. These have been used to help write their fairground descriptions, which were full of figurative language! We then imagined that these fairgrounds had been abandoned and these descriptions were certainly not to be read before bedtime!

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