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I am brave

We have started new projects for the new term, including reading some great books, such as, Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We have also been learning about significant figures from the past, such as, Grace Darling in Year 1/2's new project 'I am brave'.

It’s a been a really great week to start the term off! The children have enjoyed getting stuck into their new projects. 

Today, in our Collective Worship, we also talked about Earth Day and the things we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint – including walking to school, turning off the tap when we brush our teeth, reusing items rather than throwing them away and turning off the light when you leave a room! On Monday, we paid tribute to Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh following his sad passing on 9th April.

I am Brave

Year 1/2 have had a smashing time creating our very own Antony Gormley inspired clay sculptures! 

To kick off our ‘I am Brave’ topic, we have been learning about Grace Darling and her heroic adventures in history, which the children have been finding fascinating. 

Finally, in maths we have been learning all about the edges, vertices and faces of 2d and 3d shapes and we agree with the triangles – circles are completely pointless!

Kensuke's Kingdom

This week, Year 3 / 4 have started their new project learning all about Michael Morpurgo’s book, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. The children have been enthralled as we have gradually learnt more information about the plot, characters, setting and events. We were inspired to write our own descriptions of the sea, we hope you enjoy reading them.

When I grow up...

This week we received a very exciting video from Miss Ramsdale’s sister in which she told us about her role as a midwife looking after mums and their babies. She talked about how babies’ heart beats are faster than ours and how she would like us to share our future dreams with her. 

This was a great introduction to our new topic ‘When I Grow Up…’ We have been thinking about our aspirations and we want to be doctors, vets, teachers, ice skaters, swimming teachers, dress designers, shinkansen train drivers and many more. We have been making props and have enjoyed creating a vet reading corner in which we read to the poorly animals and a school role play. 

We have also discussed in our worship people who help us and what we might do in an emergency. Our teachers were really proud of what we already knew! Year R have been making the most of the wonderful weather and have been making delicious dishes in the mud kitchen, building doctors surgeries in the construction area and being risk takers in their learning by creating various obstacle courses. 

We have so many ideas of how we want to enhance our environment to help our learning over the coming weeks. 

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