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World Book Day (belated!)

It's been a very different term - something we have never experienced before with many challenges but lots of lovely surprises. The children have responded brilliantly and we are thrilled with their learning and outcomes since their return. Now, everyone deserves a well earned rest and time to spend with their loved ones, especially those who we haven't seen for a long time.

We have some good news to come from our team… Mr Brown has welcomed baby Jack to the family this week. Jack was born this Tuesday, 30th March, at 9:19am (7lb 5) and I am sure you will join me and wish him and his family many congratulations!

Today, is our belated World Book Day so check out photos below. You will also find the links to Year 5/6’s superb websites that they have been designing.

We Are Web Designers (Year 5/6)

This week we drew our website creation to a close. The children worked really hard on creating them and I’m sure you’ll agree they look very professional indeed.  

It was so very difficult to judge the winners.   

Please check out the websites below (please note, you must be signed into your child’s school 

Gmail account to access the links).

Well done everyone on all your hard work 😀


Hyena Class:

website ( (Jessica, Jesse, Preston, Gabi) Winners of Hyena Class

k-jet ( (Ella, Keelan,  Tadiwa, Joseph)

P.H.L.S ( (Poppie, Harry, Louie, Shania)

disasters ( (Teo, Ania, Elliott, Neveah)

ALL THINGS NATURAL ( (Oswald, Charlotte, Beau, Elliot)


Aaron,Ben and connor ( (Aaron, Connor, Ben)

natural disasters ( (Tristan, Willow, Noah, Elsie)


Panthers Class: (Alexie, Niamh, Lily-May) Winners of Panthers Class

grace and summer ( (Grace, Summer)

Natural Disasters Carrot Head .INC ( (Nathan, Daniel W, Joe)

natural disasters ( (Eshana, Lily)

N.A.T.U.R.E K.I.D.S ( (Jake, Antonio, Farren, James, Adham)

The Natural Disasters ( (Gracie, Maggie, Ava, Liah)

Movin’ and shakin’ ( (Ryan, Taylor)

natural disasters ( (Peter, Will)

Natural Disasters ( (Harriett, Evangeline, Aalijah)

Natural Disasters Carrot Head .INC ( (Daniel L, Matthew)


Lion Class:

Deadly Disasters – Tsunamis ( (Isla, George, Nora) – Winners of Lion Class

WWDC (world wide disaster crew) ( (Ethan, Imogen, Bea, Ben)

Ellen, Layla, Kane ( (Ellen, Layla, Kane)

Rac’s facts of Natural Disasters. ( (Rowan, Advik, Connor)

Home ( (Dylan, Olly, Alex)

flooding news! ( (Chloe, Liv, Owen)

Natures disasters ( (Oscar, Maisie, Rebecca)

Worldwide Disasters ( (Kara, Ollie, Sophia)

Ella,Sienna,Archie ( (Ella, Sienna, Archie)


Celebrating books (Year 3/4)

What an amazing day we have had celebrating books – reading our favourites, talking about popular authors, writing our own books, enjoying stories being read to us and watching real life authors read the tales they have written. All of the costumes look absolutely amazing so thank you for all of your hard work at home.

World Book Day at Rownhams (Year 1/2)

Year One and Two have had such a fantastic day participating in our very own Rownhams World Book day!!

We had a letter from a disgruntled iceberg wondering why he is always portrayed as the bad guy in the story! Alice in wonderland had lost the Queen of heart’s tarts and needed us to help replace them and the Easter Bunny hid some scrumptious chocolate eggs for us to find.

Easter Celebrations (Year R)

Year R have been busy planting seeds for our outdoor area (Thanks to all the parents that supplied milk cartons) and growing cress in the classrooms! We have been learning about the importance of looking after the plants and what is needed for them to survive. 

The children have been imaginative in the Art area, creating Easter pictures and cards, and have enjoyed playing Phonics Easter games! The favourite being the Easter word hunt. 

In Maths we have been focusing on number bonds and finding different ways to make 10, using digit cards and loose parts and part part whole method. We have started looking at patterns and using musical instruments to create musical patterns too! 

Year R have had a fun ending to the week, where we all participated in our own Rownhams World Book Day. We made our own books and drew pictures about ourselves. We finished the term with an exciting Easter Egg hunt.

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