Mad About Minibeasts

Year R have been learning all about creepy crawlies in their minibeast investigations and Year 1/2 have been creating their own imaginative versions of Little Red Riding Hood! Read a sample in today's blog - plus much more...

Year R - Mad about Minibeasts

Year R have enjoyed reading the books ‘Mad about Minibeasts’ and were inspired to go on a hunt on the school field to see what they could find. We lifted logs, upturned stones and watched in plants and were delighted with the amazing creatures we found – centipedes, woodlice, worms and beetles to name just a few. We then began researching our favourite creatures and found out loads of interesting information. Did you know that woodlice never have a wee?!

Year 1/2 - Little Red Riding Hood

For our English learning the Year 1/2s have dived into the traditional tale world of Little Red Riding Hood. The children have had a wonderful time acting out the story, using the small world to retell it and then writing their own version of the story. The year 2s were given the challenge to change their story which has prompted some very imaginative outcomes!

Year 3/4 - Change for Life Commonwealth Games

Some of the Year 3 children were lucky enough to participate in the Mountbatten Change for Life Commonwealth Games last week. We joined some other local primary schools and experienced a whole range of sports and activities across the afternoon. Rock climbing was a particular favourite and Miss Pascall was so impressed with the children’s determination and courage to have a go, even when they were feeling a little scared and unsure. Nyla even made it to the top – more than once! We also tried skipping, boules, Quidditch and yoga and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. All of the children came away with a participation medal and Rownhams were given the ‘Determination’ award, a collective decision by all of the sports leaders and adults involved. An award very well deserved!

Year 5/6 - Pirates of the Curry Bean

It was lovely to share lots of our wonderful work during our open afternoon. It was fantastic to hear such positive feedback from adults about the children’s learning. 


The Year 6s were visited by a member of Mountbatten staff to learn a bit more about what secondary school is like. The Head of Lower School of Mountbatten also led a tie-tying workshop and the children who already knew how to tie one were really supportive in helping their friends with theirs. 


The children have started practising using props for the Pirates of the Currybean production. Tickets have been sent out and we look forward to seeing you next week for our piratical performance. 


(Apologies for missing the photo of our brilliant Young Sports Leaders last week – we’ve included it this week!)

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