Responsibility at Harvest Time

Just before half term we celebrated our value of Responsibility with a special day. We learned about how we can make a difference in our community and about ‘courageous advocates’ who are making a difference to our world. For example, we looked at how David Attenborough is using his influence to save our world from a climate crisis. We also held a wonderful harvest celebration in our first whole school visit to the church for some time. Well done to Year 2 for leading our worship time at the church, alongside Reverend Graeme and Ewan. Thank you to parents and carers for your donations, which have been collected by Southampton City Mission for their food bank.

Responsibility and Harvest Celebrations

On Wednesday, before our half term holiday, we made our first trip to St John’s Church for the year and for many it was their first time, since joining out school. We had a wonderful celebration harvest led by Year 2 and our Rev Graeme Dixon and the church’s new family support worker, Ewan.

It was a special occasion that we all enjoyed thoroughly. Thank you to all our families for your donations will have been collected by Southampton City Mission and will be appreciated by many in our local area.


Helping in the community

We wanted to do something responsible and helpful to our community – and harvest time was a good time to do just that. Some of our Year 5/6 children headed to the local library, our Year 1/2 children visited Horns Drove Pre-School and Year 3/4 cleared the autumn leaves from the grounds at St John’s Church.

Play Leaders leading the way at lunchtime

Exciting news! Behind the scenes, our Year 6 Play Leaders have been completing their training to support lunchtime play with the children. Over the year, we will be providing more equipment and games for the children to participate in, should they wish. We introduced a mixed-age activity zone on the playground earlier this week for children to play with skipping ropes, hula hoops and beanbags. 

Year R - Get... Set... Go!

Year R have been excitedly playing with their new big blocks outside – their ‘Get-Set-Go’ blocks. They have really challenged our balance and agility and we have had so much fun building our own assault courses with them.

Year 1/2 - Leading the Harvest Festival

Year 2 had the great excitement and privilege to lead the rest of the school in our Harvest service. The children enjoyed thinking about our school value of ‘responsibility’. They decided that they wanted to teach the rest of the school about being thankful by writing and performing poems, prayers and a story all about sharing. The children were excited to see how generous everyone had been by bringing in donations of food for the local Food Bank.

Year 3/4 - Our very own vegetables

Responsibility Day was very important in Year 3/4. Firstly, we looked at ways in which we could save energy at home and sorted these to decide which actions we thought we could take to make the most difference. Hopefully lots of lightbulbs are now being turned off at home.


We then looked at ‘food miles’ – how far our food has to travel to get to our plates! If it travels a long distance, it is not good for the environment whereas using local produce is much better. We looked at the contents of our lunchboxes to see where our food comes from. We wish we would have chocolate growing in our gardens but it comes from far away! We decided that one thing we would do was to offer our home grown Rownhams St John’s school produce to families for free, so we dug up lots of vegetables from the school garden. Some of us made posters to advertise this, some did the digging and others the washing and preparation! Lovely.


We also found out lots of information about Jane Goodall, the English primatologist who is an example of an international courageous advocate who set out to protect chimpanzees. Still thinking about our world, we also wrote letters to our partner school Murumba Valley Primary.


What a fun and exciting day. We hope you enjoyed the carrots!

Year 5/6 - Responsibility Day

During ‘Responsibility Day’, Year 5 and 6 were learning about Nelson Mandela. The children were surprised and saddened to find out that he was imprisoned for 27 years for protesting about apartheid in South Africa. The children then produced a news report in the style of a live bulletin to celebrate his Presidential win. Here are some pictures of their reports.

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