So, what is a Young Carer?

Mrs Broyd, our Child and Family Support Worker, has been working closely with Romsey Young Carers so that we can better support children who have a role in caring for someone at home. We have also been closely supported by Ben Hogbin, one of our parent governors, who works for Winchester Young Carers. So, what is a Young Carer? Also, in this blog, read about our Young Governors idea for 'one-minute book reviews' and how you could write your own... and finally, the long awaited photos from Year 5/6's trip to the Harry Potter studios!

With Ben’s expertise, drive and enthusiasm we have raised the profile of Young Carers at governors’ meetings, which has now filtered down into everyday practice. When we started we had one known young carer who was not receiving any direct support and now thanks to Mrs Broyd’s hard work and the support of Keren from Romsey Young Carers we  have 18 children who are participating in fun and supportive activities. We also successfully supported a number of young carers transition into their new secondary schools last summer term.

So, what is a Young Carer?

“Young carers are children and young people who care for a parent or sibling with a long-term illness or disability”

“Caring is not always about practical tasks. Children and young people can find themselves offering significant emotional support which can be an impact on their daily life as well as their development.”

As well as the additional responsibilities that come with a being a young carer there are also many positives. The children may have a real sense of pride about their caring role and achievements. They may also benefit from a close family environment that is supportive and caring of each other.

At Rownhams, our aim is to offer our children a chance to share and talk about their responsibilities with other children who experience something similar. We have been running a series of workshops with Keren, from Romsey Young Carers, and on Monday they will be sharing all they have been up to in our Collective Worship. We can’t wait to hear about what they have to say!

If you believe your child would benefit from this support or you would like to talk to someone then you can contact us on the email below, ask to speak to Mrs Broyd or contact Romsey Young Carers directly.

Our Young Carers mailbox:

Romsey Young Carers:

One Minute Book Reviews!

In a recent blog on reading I shared our Young Governor ideas on how to make reading better. One of those suggestions was to have ‘one-minute book reviews’.

So, I am hoping to have one review every week in our newsletter and blog! I would like anyone interested to write a review that we can either video for our website or simply add to the newsletter for our children and parents to see and read.

Please send the reviews into school for the attention of Mr Woodford.

I look forward to reading them and posting them for all to read and get excited about books!

Warner Bros Trip - a Harry Potter Adevnture!

Look how much Year 5/6 enjoyed their trip to Harry Potter world! Read Ruby and Tiffany’s brief recount of the day:

Year 5 and 6 recently went on a fantastic trip on Tuesday the 7th of January 2020. It was an amazing experience all the children enjoyed themselves so much it felt like you were really there. The children got to find out all the secrets and tricks behind the filming and making of the wonderful Harry Potter films. Everyone got an opportunity to buy souvenirs from the outstandingly massive gift shop. Some children even brought sweets and chocolates like the chocolate frogs from the movie which included a card of a famous witch or wizard.

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