How to keep your child safe online and Year 1/2 become Koala Protectors!

Do you know what you're children are doing online? The internet is a great place to learn and have fun but we also need to know how to stay safe. Safer Internet Day is being celebrated on 11th February and we are running parent workshops to coincide with this. In other news this week, Year 1/2 are hoping to adopt a Koala, we have a reminder about the great work of our PTA and an outline of latest school improvement priorities.

E-Safety Workshop for Parents for ‘Safer Internet Day’

Next Monday and Thursday Mr Warner is running an E-Safety workshop for parents. This coincides with the approaching ‘Safer Internet Day’ on the 11th February. With the rapid changes in the online world this is a great opportunity to get up-to-date with what you’re children are doing online and learn about what we do in school.

Mr Warner is sure to point you towards some great resources but you will find really useful content at childnet.com and the Safer Internet Day website.



If you missed the email the dates and time for the workshops are as follows:

  • Monday, 3rd February at 3:20pm
  • Thursday, 6th February at 5:00pm

Koala Day—raising awareness of the Australian Bushfires

Today, Year 1 and 2 are held a ‘Koala Day’ to recognise the plight of wildlife during the devastating Australian bushfires. The children have all come dressed as Koalas (grey trousers and tops!) and were making ears first thing this morning. Through small donations from parents and carers we are hoping to raise enough to become ‘Koala Protectors’ for the WWF, whilst helping children to understand and contribute to their global community. The children have also been keeping an eye on what Longleat’s doing out in Australia on their YouTube channel. You can watch the videos below or follow the link:

Interested in becoming a Koala protector? Follow this link:


Next, just a reminder about the great work our PTA are doing to raise funds for our school. Our new play-frame is due to be installed just after half term, we are in the process of ordering new picnic benches  and then we are aiming to raise funds for 30 (much needed!) new laptops. We are always looking for volunteers but, of course, supporting the events by attending makes a big difference. You can follow the PTA’s latest news on their Facebook and Twitter accounts but you can find out much more in their latest addition of their newsletter, which was sent out earlier this week.

School Improvement Priorities 2020

Finally, in a recent newsletter and blog I wrote about one of our current priorities: Reading (you can re-read the blog by clicking here). This is just to note here that we have three current priorities and they are:

1. Reading

To develop our approach to the reading curriculum that improves pupils' fluency, understanding and enjoyment of reading.

2. Challenge and Support

To develop a curriculum that provides appropriate challenge and support for all learners, especially children with SEND and those with the potential to be a ’high attainer’.

3. Curriculum intent

To focus on how we plan and design our curriculum with a special focus on our foundation subjects, such as, history, art and computing.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

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