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We are twinned with Muramba Valley Primary School!

We have lots to report this week, including our newly updated Vision statement, where you can find your child's curriculum information, our revived link with a school in Muramba Valley and how you can have your say in our new Relationships and Sex Education Policy.

Don’t listen when friends tempt you; ‘Ask God to help you say no’

Proverbs 1.10 & Ephesians 6.11

Our new Vision statement

We have refined our school vision overtime. Back in January last year, we introduced our Core Beliefs but have since taken these and distilled them into one simple statement that’s easier to grasp and, more importantly, easier for the school to use as a direction. Our new Vision is as follows:

To develop loving and joyful children who are prepared to make a positive difference to their own lives, their community and the world around them through responsible and considered actions.

Rownhams St John's CE Primary School Vision statement, 2020

We hope that parents and carers can relate to our new Vision but we are always open to feedback and suggestions and expect this to evolve further overtime.

New Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Following an update from the Department for Education (DfE) on the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum we have updated our policy to align to this. You can read the DfE document here:

New Department for Education Mandatory Policy

As a result of this update, we are asking parents and carers for their views during a consultation period. This will run from today until the 2nd March. We are happy to receive comments via:

  • email to (with the subject link RSE Views)
  • Letter handed-in to the office (with RSE Views on the envelope)
  • By completing and handing-in one of our Feedback postcards which can be found in the office.
 Click the link below to download the draft policy:

Curriculum Projects

You can now find your child’s Curriculum Information on the Curriculum page of our new website. There you will find:

  • Project Overview
  • Knowledge Organiser (so you can help your child learn the key facts)
  • Home Learning activities 
This was added on the basis of feedback from our Parent and Carers Group so that the information for all year groups is available.

We are twinned with Muramba Valley!

On Monday this week, Chris Lloyd, from Education Uganda led our Collective Worship and talked about our revived partnership with the charity and our twinned school Muramba Valley Primary School. Chris described how we are the ‘same but in different ways’ alluding to the many things that children in the Muramba Valley do that we do – but may have to pass the odd lion sitting in the road on the way to school! We look forward to getting our partnership up and running.

Our new school prayer

Our Young Governors worked alongside Mrs Phelps to produce our new school prayer. Well done to all those involved –

Dear God,

Thank you for our school and all the people who work in it. Thank you that Rownhams Primary is a safe and fun place to be and for all the wonderful learning opportunities we are given.

Help us to embrace our school values of Love, Joy and Responsibility. Help us to show love to all the people we meet through our words and actions, joy in our learning even when we find it hard and to be responsible for the school environment and the resources we are given.

We ask these things in Jesus name.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!
Tim Woodford, Headteacher

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