Team R have been making a splash as they begin their new art project and they have been busy biking in their bikeability sessions. See the photos and more from across the school in our blog this week, right here.

Year R - Bikeability

This week has been very busy.  We have been out on the balance bikes as often as possible, practicing balance, steering and braking initially.  We have been riding the balance bikes like different animals: kangaroo riding worked well for lots of us who were beginning the journey of bike riding – we had to push with both feet then glide and it made it a bit easier to balance.  We have been using the story of Chicken Licken in our learning by sequencing parts of the story and learning new vocabulary.  We have begun a new art project, look out for some super fish pictures in the near future. After Bonfire Night, we had the chance to experiment with different media to create firework pictures and we have also learnt that fireworks are used to celebrate Divali.

Year 1/2 - Exploring Measure

Year ½ have been exploring measure. We have been comparing different lengths and heights using non standard units of measure and Year 2 have been using rulers to measure in cm. The children had lots of fun finding different items around the classroom to compare!

Year 3/4 - Jumping and Landing

As part of the ‘skills’ section of PE this week, the children were working on their jumping and landing skills with Coach Maltby. 

Maintaining balance throughout, they needed to:

  1. Jump from 2 feet to 2 feet with 180° turn in either direction.
  2. Complete a tucked jump.
  3. Complete a tucked jump with 180° turn in either direction.

They had to think about what they needed to do to improve their skill each time, for example, to ‘bend my knees and use my arms to help remain balanced on landing’. It was very explosive and tiring!

Year 5/6 - The Highwayman

Year 5/6 have begun exploring a dramatic poem this week in ‘The Highwayman’. To begin with, we had to find the meaning of all sorts of old-fashioned and unusual words so that we could really understand what was happening in this shattering tale of love and loss. In teams we strove to match definitions to our new vocabulary. We were bound to do well as we spurred each other on!

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