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Inspirational Stories

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind return after the half term holiday but we have some great work to share with you in this week’s blog. Check out Team 5/6's stunning art inspired by inspirational stories and much more right here.

Year R - The Little Red Hen and Baking Bread

This week we have been learning the story of The Little Red Hen. It was very exciting when some children from Year 5/6 came to teach us how to make our very own bread rolls! We took our rolls home at the end of the day to taste and they were delicious.  We also looked carefully at yeast in our science lesson and talked about the yeast waking up and blowing bubbles to make the holes we see in bread.  We could see that the bread got bigger when it had risen.  We also looked at how we can crush wheat grains and make tiny quantities of flour.
Last week on responsibility day we helped tidy up the reflection garden using a range of tools.

Year 1/2 - Marvellous Mechanisms

This week Yr ½ has been looking at lever mechanisms in DT! The children made animal litter pickers, they looked superb and the children really thought carefully about how to design them so they were fit for purpose. We thought about making them out of material and paper but they just were not strong enough. In the end cardboard worked best and take a look how well they worked…

Year 3/4 - SMART Computing

In computing, Year 3/4 have been learning what the M stands for in the SMART rules for being online.  It stands for MEET.  The children learned about communicating online in different ways and who is safe/sensible to talk to and who may not be.  Discussions were had around what sort of information is safe to share and what is not.  The website used was from Childnet which has an excellent array of online resources for schools and families here is a link: 

As well as this, the children were learning to code using the ‘Hour of Code’ websites.  The children were changing the way backgrounds and sprites looked as well as how they moved.  The levels had increasingly hard challenges using repeats and commands.  You can play this at home using this link:

Year 5/6 - Inspirational Stories and Art

As part of RSJ’s Responsibility Day, Year 5/6 learned about figures of importance in Black History. They investigated the story of Harriet Tubmann and created posters to explain what they discovered. Harriet was an American abolitionist and social activist, who after escaping slavery, made 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people, including her family and friends. She used the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known collectively as the Underground Railroad.


The children also created portraits of her, Nelson Mandella and Mary Seacole, in the style of artists Lubaina Himid and Roy Lichtenstein. Lubaina Himid is an artist who focuses on themes of cultural history and reclaiming identities. She was one of the first artists involved in the UK’s Black Art movement in the 1980s and continues to create activist art which is shown in galleries in Britain, as well as worldwide. Roy Lichtenstein, who we are studying currently in our art lessons, is famous for his Pop Art using Ben Day dots.

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