Straight from the Heart

This week’s blog in four words: love, illustrations, plotting, and circulation! In Team 1 / 2, the story of ‘Winter’s Child’ captured the children’s creativity, as they have been sketching their own illustrations to enhance the story. Team 5 / 6 have also been using creative approaches as they created their own posters to explore the circulatory system. Also in the blog, Team 3 / 4 describe their playground coordinates Maths adventure, whilst Year R share their cards they made in celebration of Love Day. Read on to find out more about what the children have been up to this week.

Year R: Love Day

Year R enjoyed celebrating Love Day together, where our youngest learners all shared their treasured items from home. Our classes showcased  their favorite toys during circle time, and expressed why their toy was special to them. We had teddies from birth, photos and special homemade gifts from loved ones. 

They crafted love cards for their loved ones, filling each one with heartfelt messages and colourful pictures. The exchange of these tokens brought smiles and warmth to all, showcasing the power of simple acts of kindness. We also completed love hearts, jotting down special things close to their hearts. From beloved toys to cherished memories, each heart reflected the abundance of love in their lives, fostering gratitude and appreciation.

As the day concluded, our hearts were full, reminded of the beauty of love and the importance of coming together as a school community to celebrate the bonds that unite us.

Year 1/2: A seasonal tale unfolds...

In a recent English lesson, Year 1 and 2 pupils immersed themselves in the enchanting story of “Winters Child,” adding a hands-on twist through colorful illustrations. The class buzzed with creativity as the children sketched scenes, capturing the details of the frosty tale such as Nana being “grey as ash and as thin as a reed”. Year 2 students, inspired by their exploration, took the narrative into their own hands, transforming it into the delightful “Spring Child.” Beyond the excitement, this lesson provided educational benefits, enhancing comprehension, vocabulary, and fine motor skills.

Year 3/4: Playground plotting

Recently in Maths, we have been learning about coordinates and how they are used to describe position. We learned that to read and plot coordinates, we have to look at the horizontal x axis and then the vertical y axis. Where those two lines intersect is where the point is plotted. In one of our lessons, we went on a hunt around the playground to find different letters, which we then plotted the coordinates for on a grid. We had a lot of fun!

Year 5/6: Straight from the Heart

In Science, we have been studying how we get all the things we need around our body. This week we looked at the circulatory system and its three main parts. It was super to see how involved the children got finding out that blood was made up of different components. The children were challenged with making a poster to describe and explain the different parts and their purposes as well as any other interesting information they could gather.

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