Dream big, love deeply

On ‘Love Day’ we celebrated our school value with reflections on kindness and creativity. In this week's blog, you can read all about our Love Day activities. We also have more photos, for our Careers Day as our children, dressed as doctors, vets, and footballers, lit up our school with dreams of the future. The Young Governors are now gathering ideas on what to spend your donations on - thank you! In Team 5/6, our children have been delving into Ancient Egypt, unravelling history with hands-on exploration.

Team R: 'When I grow up...'

Our Reception children recently lit up our school with their ‘When I Grow Up’ day. Dressed as doctors, vets, and footballers, they shared their dreams of the future. Some want to fly planes, others to save lives as firefighters or teach. These conversations reminded us of the importance of nurturing their ambitions. Through events like this, we empower our children to dream big and shape their futures with confidence. Here’s to our little dreamers, the architects of tomorrow’s world!

Team 1/2: Love Day!

On the last day of term Team Rownhams celebrated ‘Love Day’ to learn about our school value of Love. In Year 1/2, the children looked at the bible verse ‘The Lord is kind and shows mercy. He does not become angry quickly but is full of love.’ Psalm 145:8 The children reflected on this bible verse and thought of different characteristics that show love.

Team 3/4: Love Day and Mental Health Week activities

The children got creative during Love Day to celebrate ‘loving me’, which tied nicely to Mental Health week. Collecting ideas about all of the things that matter to them, they set to work creating a collage, drawing or picture to show their thoughts. We also spoke about why our voice matters, and ways in which we can use our voice to make our school and community a better place.

Team 5/6: Ancient Egyptian Exploration

We lifted the lid on the Ancient Egyptians through the exciting use of a history box. Within this trove of treasures were multiple amazing artefacts that the children had to investigate with the help of pictorial clues. The challenge was to discover what the artefacts were, what they were used for and if there is a modern day equivalent. It was really nice to be able to unravel the threads of history practically.

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