Young Voices 2024

A few weeks ago, on Wednesday 17th January 2024, some very lucky children got the opportunity to go to the O2 Arena in London to perform with over 8000 other children. Many teachers came with us, such as Miss Pascall, Mrs Herridge and Mrs Rusher.

We left at 9:30am and got back at 12:30pm so it was a very late night for us. As soon as we got there, we headed straight to our seats (which were extremely high up). While we were rehearsing, we were introduced to some special guests such as Natalie Williams, MC Gramma and Nandi Bushel. They were amazing! We also enjoyed watching Urban Strides perform flips and tricks!

When the concert started, the host got the audience ready to see something magical. The lights went low, we stood up and got ready to sing our hearts out to the most amazing songs. The lights were rainbow-coloured, making our shirts glow, then a Mexican wave flew across the arena. It was beautiful!

My favourite thing was seeing the joy on everyone’s faces and the spectacular lights.

Written by Leila, Lottie and Emily

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