Inclusion Day was a blast! The children (and adults!) had so much fun getting stuck into a variety of active and engaging activities. Everyone had a go at something, which included archery, New Age Kurling, water game, Nerf guns - and much more. It was a great day to show off our Learning Buttons - especially the Team Builder and Go-Getter buttons. The day made for the perfect opportunity to work together and get to know their new classes. Thank you to Personal Best Education, and the students from Mountbatten for leading the day and making it so successful. This week, in the blog, you can see all the photos from the day, plus more, including the science behind the story of Three Little Pigs(!), measuring the dark and perfect pop art!

Year R - The Three Little Pigs

Year R have been learning about the story of the Three Little Pigs this week. They have been busy creating a story telling land to retell the story in and we have been really impressed us with their application of the joining skills we have been learning about in DT. In Science, we have been building  our own houses and huffing and puffing on them to test how sturdy they are.  We have been building our core strength and stability outside by pulling ourselves along on the scooter boards and doing a pompom dance while holding a table position. Brilliant learning, Year R.

Year 1/2 - Nerf Gun Fun

The children have had great excitement on their Inclusion Day. They have participated in games and activities such as New Age Kurling, team building games, parachutes and Nerf guns. The children have said that their highlight was the water games, especially throwing wet sponges at their teachers and sports coach! The children can be so proud of how well they joined in, their enthusiasm and how they have been pressing their Team Builder Learning Button to work together.

Year 3/4 - Go Getters on Inclusion Day

Inclusion day was a fabulous day of fun, energy and laughter. The children were able to take part in a huge range of activities – some dry, some soggy! Each child could try every event to see if they liked it. All the children were ‘Go getters’ as they went through the day. It was a pleasure to get to know them a little better so early on in the school year and to see how they worked together. The teachers enjoyed taking part too, apart from the wet sponge game maybe! 

Year 5/6 - Investigating Shadows

In science, we have been investigating light and shadows.

The children spent time using their light sources to create an overlapping shadow. They then tried to measure the darkness of their shadows using a scale of 1-5 so that they could come to a conclusion. 

We continued to look at some exciting creatures in our Deadly 60 writing topic and were describing specific body parts using hyphenated descriptions. The more impressive and dangerous sounding the better. 

In geography, we were looking at features of maps as well as differing scales. We challenged the children to draw their own treasure Island maps with all the necessary features and then they had a great time looking at the giant maps of Rownhams and the surrounding areas, trying to find their homes and any other recognisable places, such as St Mary’s Stadium and Paultons Park.

We looked at Roy Lichtenstien style pop art and we made laminated collage versions of our own designs. They looked fantastic!

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