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Gardeners’ Delight

Year 3/4 have been getting some dirt between the nails as they took their turn to get gardening. In the blog this week, we’ve also got some beautiful sunflowers, news from our visit from Southampton City Mission and you can learn all about ‘The Colours of History’.

Great fun at the golf

A massive well done and huge congratulations to all the super KS2 golf that represented the school last Friday afternoon in the sweltering heat! A Passion award for the school as well as 2 golds were won! Both the year 3/4 and 5/6 team managed to compete against multiple other schools and both teams came out in the top tier of points to win Gold awards. I was so impressed with the support they showed, not only their own year group team, but each other as well. The resilience shown and improvements made throughout the afternoon were a joy to watch. All the children were happy and supportive, being ball fetchers for each other when needed. A really good show of sportsmanship and the Rownhams values.

Year R - Sunflowers

We looked carefully at the sunflower paintings by Vincent Van Gogh then we used our pencils to draw the features. Finally, we used oil pastels to completed our masterpieces. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Year 1/2 - A Visit from Southampton City Mission

Year 1/2 had an exciting visit from Southampton City Mission this week. They were Christians who told us what it was like to be a Christian and told us bible stories where Jesus showed authority. To help us learn these stories we played games, acted out the stories and created some wonderful mosaics to help us remember them.

Year 3/4 - Gardening in our Grounds

This week Rowan class took their turn to do some gardening in the school grounds.  The main job was to weed the flower beds that didn’t have anything growing in them.  Once gloves were donned and trowels & forks safely grabbed, the children split into three teams.  Two teams attacked the weeds in a bed each while the other went to water the plants and trees that were desperate for a drink.  Each group rotated so they could take a turn at watering.  The wheelbarrow and garden waste bag were bursting with unwanted flowers by the end – a good job done by all!

Year 5/6 - The Colours of History

For reading lessons, a beautiful new non-fiction book called ‘The Colours of History’ has been introduced. The children have enjoyed finding out how Isaac Newton discovered rainbow colours and why colour is so important both in nature and to humans –  and how dull the world would be without it! They created an information page about colour to express their learning from the reading of the Introduction of the new reading text.

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