A Colourful End of Term!

This week's blog in four words: threading, annotations, bridges, and mind-maps! This week, Key Stage One have been getting creative; Team 1/2 share their digital artwork they have been creating based on their own photographs, whilst Year R have been developing their fine motor skills through engaging with different threading and sewing activities. In their English lessons, Team 5/6 have been reflecting on their reading book and have created colourful mind maps to illustrate their own interpretations of the story. Meanwhile, Team 3/4 have been developing their STEM skills by working in groups to engineer their own stable bridges.

Year R: Threading fun!

We have been exploring and working on our early threading skills in Year R this week, alongside exploring outside in the welcomed warmer weather!ย ย 

From threading beads and letters on string, to hole punching and creating our own lacing cards, the tiny hands of our classrooms have been working hard using their pincer grasp. Each activity on our threading carousel is carefully crafted to engage children’s senses and spark their curiosity. Our pupils have been developing essential fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities while having oodles of fun!

Year 1 / 2: Digital Spring artwork

Over the past few weeks the children in Team 1/2 have been working on not only their photography skills but their digital artwork as well. They have been carefully choosing the image they would like to photograph and, using the iPads, have annotated and added to their photos. We’re sure you will agree that their finished outcome looks incredible. They have even impressed everyone by AirDropping the images to their teacherโ€™s iPad!

Year 3 / 4: Building bridges

Team 3/4 have been putting on their STEM hats and creating bridge structures. They needed to work as a team and consider the most effective way to use the materials available. Using triangle structures for strength, the children had to create a bridge that would hold a ‘sugar paper road’. A toy car then needed to travel over the bridge safely. Great teamwork everybody!

Year 5 / 6: Mind mapping

After finishing Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman as their text in reading lessons, the children brought together everything they had learnt by making a mind map. They thought about the plot and the different characters, settings and themes. These were then illustrated with images of their own interpretation of what the characters and scenes may have looked like.

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