World Book Day 2024

This week in the blog, you can learn all about how we celebrated World Book Day last Friday. The children enjoyed sharing stories with one another, taking turns reading their favourite books and talking about what they enjoy reading. Team 1/2 welcomed children from Team 5/6 into their classrooms to share their favourite books, whilst Team 3/4 took a visit to Year R to spend time reading stories to each other and sharing their recommendations. We loved seeing all of the creative costumes across the school too. It was another great opportunity for us to share our favourite fictional characters with each other, and even discover some new ones!

Sharing Stories - Year R with Team 3/4

World Book Day was a whirlwind of excitement! We dazzled in costumes inspired by our beloved book characters, adding a sprinkle of magic to the corridors.

The highlight of the day was our special sharing session with Team 3 / 4. Gathered in the hall, we bonded over books, taking turns reading aloud and immersing ourselves in captivating stories. But the joy of sharing stories didn’t end there. Amongst ourselves, we swapped recommendations and discussed our favourite reads, made book marks and roleplayed our favourite book characters. 

World Book Day reminded us of the power of storytelling and the importance of reading for pleasure. Here’s to many more adventures between the pages!

Sharing Stories - Team 1/2 and Team 5/6

As part of our World Book Day celebrations this year, Team 5/6 took a visit to KS1 to spend some time reading with Team 1/2 in their classrooms. With their favourite books in hand, the children took turns sharing their stories, and soon the classrooms were filled with lots of ‘book-talk’, with the children talking about their favourite characters and moments in the story. Willow class had some very special books to share, as they had written their own superhero stories especially for Team Cedar! After they had read their stories, they had a go at illustrating their favourite moments. World Book Day reminded us of the joy that can be found in sharing stories with one another, and it was great to see a love for reading being shared across our classes.

Year 3 / 4: Cars and Computing

As part of the Computing curriculum, Team 3/4  have been creating remote controlled cars.  They use a system called Sam Labs, which has a variety of Bluetooth enabled blocks that are controlled from a digital tablet. The children have to pair the devices to the tablet, move virtual icons on a digital canvas, and then link the icons up with virtual wires. This creates the program which controls the car.  

The children were also able to have the chance to make a nightlight using an LED and the DC motor. The light could be programmed to change colour at a different rate and the motor can be tuned to rotate at different speeds. These sessions involve lots of problem solving and collaboration..

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