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Where can I get a pair of those shoes? In this week’s blog check out Year 5/6's Mondrian inspired clothing range plus see the photos of Year 3/4's healthy snacks and much, much - right here.

Year R - Moon Buggies

In DT, we have been designing, making and evaluating our own moon buggies. We thought carefully about the features we would need to include and decided that each buggy must have 4 wheels and a seat and could have an antennae, lights, a flag or a camera. 


In our previous DT lessons, we have been learning about how to attach moving wheels to a box and we were so impressed with the way the children confidently applied this skill. 

Year 1/2 - Dark Collages

The children have been reading Orion and the Dark. A book where the main character is afraid of the dark. We have been thinking of creative vocabulary to describe the dark and created our own collages of the ‘dark’ to inspire us. The children then created their own poems using their descriptive language.

Year 3/4 - Healthy After School Snacks

Year 3/4 have been planning and preparing healthy after school snacks.  As part of a DT project on food preparation, all the children carefully considered what type of snack they would enjoy after school.  They chose either a fresh salsa, classic hummus or refreshing yogurt dip.  Everyone even decided what type of dipper would best match their choice as well.  The children spent a fun afternoon preparing the fresh ingredients by chopping, grating and mixing after being taught to do these essential kitsch skills safely.  At the end, everyone tried their own and others’ to evaluate how successful their dips and dippers were.  We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Year 5/6 - Fashion Designers

In Geography, we have continued delving into the different biomes our world has to offer and have started to look at the Taiga biome. We decided to look at human life this time and concentrated on Toronto and Moscow. The children created brochures that included the usual information about the biome itself – landscape, animals and plant life – but also researched different areas of interest in and around two main cities from within this biome. 


The children continued to explore how art influences fashion and looked in more detail at the abstract art of Piet Mondrian. The children used his art to inspire their own fashion designs.

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