What a performance

Last week, our very lucky choir members took part in a spectacular concert at the O2 arena in London. They sang with 189 other schools and many of their parents and carers were able to travel up and see the event in all its glory. We are so proud of them and big thanks to all of the adults who were involved in preparing the trip and special thanks to Miss Pascall for making this happen. In other news this week, the halls and corridors have been filled with enticing aromas as there has been cooking in almost every classroom. You can read about Year 5/6's culinary delights and more right here.

Year R - To infinity and beyond!

Our Core Books for the last two weeks, ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Meet the Planets’, have been helping us learn about space. We certainly have some astronauts in the making and the children have blown us away with how much they have found out. In Science, we have been investigating making moon craters by dropping rocks in flour and seeing what happens when you change the height you drop the rocks from. The children have enjoyed retelling the stories in the storytelling worlds they created and applying all of the new vocabulary we have been learning. Our colour mixing skills have also come in handy as we tried to make the right colours for each of the planets. What brilliant learning, Year R!

Year 1/2 - The Great Fire of London

In History, the children have been learning about the Big Idea of Settlements. They learnt what London was like in 1666 at the time of the Great Fire with its narrow streets, wooden houses and straw roofs. We then compared these to how London was rebuilt with stone, wide, straighter streets and with fire stations. The children chose how they wanted to share their information with the rest of the class.

Year 3/4 - Learning About Photosynthesis

This week in science, Year 3/4 have been trying to prove that leaves produce oxygen during photosynthesis and that sunlight causes this process to happen.  They did this by putting fresh leaves in water and placing one cup in a closed cupboard and the other in direct sunlight.  The children waited for thirty minutes before making observations.  It was proven that sunlight causes leaves to produce oxygen as the leaves in sunlight had hundreds of tiny bubbles on the surface on each leaf.  The leaves in darkness didn’t have anywhere near as many.  Although not a dramatic change, it was exciting to see in real life what had been learnt in previous science sessions.  Enjoy our pictures.

Year 5/6 - Making Spring Rolls

In Year 5/6, we have been putting our culinary skills to the test and celebrating ‘Spring Festival’ (Chinese New Year) by creating our own vegetable spring rolls. The children had to perform a raw taste test of all the possible ingredients and then come up with some favourite combinations of flavour. Once they had finalised their preferred tastes, we got down to chopping, slicing and dicing our ingredients to fit them into our rolls. After cooking, the tasting could commence…but not before a sight and smell review. The results were fantastic and comments such as ‘It actually looks like a spring roll!’ were wonderful to hear. We were all really impressed with the ability shown and how brilliant the final products were. Well done 5/6!


We have also been dreaming of tropical holidays with a goal of writing a travel guide. We have been looking at active and passive voice, along with formal and informal features of writing. The children have been searching out these features in WAGOLL’s to help give them some ideas for their own pieces.

Young Voices Choir

Last week on Monday 23rd January, the lucky children in the KS2 choir went to the O2 arena in London to sing with 189 other schools! It took two and a half hours to get there! We left at 9:30am and arrived at 12:15pm. After we had our lunch, we walked over to the O2 arena with all the other schools. We found our seats, which were at the very top! There was a very steep drop! When the rehearsal started we practiced the songs and learnt the dances. There were famous singers, beatboxers and dancers who were teaching us the things we were going to do in the concert. We loved joining in with the young voices team. 


The concert was spectacular with bright lights and cheering children everywhere. All the parents watched their children in awe. Our school had a Rownhams banner so all the parents could see where we were. There was an outstanding singer, Heather Small, who sang 2 live songs in front of us all! We started the concert at 7:00 and ended the concert at 8:45. We got back to school at 12:30 and most of us fell asleep on the coach!


Our favourite parts were:

“Watching urban strides and the beatbox collective”- Leila & Blessing

“The lights and torches were phenomenal”- Alissa 

” Singing with everyone was amazing”- Tabitha, Isla & Lara.


Our favourite songs were:



Nile Rodger’s Disco Party


Written by Lottie, Leila, Thea and Emily W

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