Light and Dark

It’s all light, dark - and a dash of colour this week. Y1/2 have been helping Orion overcome his darkest fears, Y5/6 have been exploring how light behaves and Year R have been celebrating the lunar new year. Meanwhile, Year 1/2 have been adding colour to the week in their art lessons.

Year R - Celebrating the Lunar New Year

On Monday, Year R enjoyed celebrating the Lunar New Year. We loved making and trying our own stir fry and we lots of us even tasted some foods we’d never tried before. We wrote cards with a rabbit design for 2023 to give to our families.

Year 1/2 - Orion and the Dark

This week we have started a new book called Orion and the Dark! We have discovered all of Orion’s fears, even his deepest darkest fear. The children shared some of their own fears with each other and gave advice to Orion on how to tackle them. Orion very kindly wrote back to all of our classes thanking us for our help.

Year 3/4 - Abstract Art

Year 3/4 have been enjoying learning about different artists and their influence on art.

We are currently investigating the genre of Abstract Art and the ideas of artists like Wassily Kandinsky. We have enjoyed creating paintings of bright concentric circles and prints of various shapes and lines. To make out prints we created ‘collographs’ for our printing blocks using card and string. Circles and squares were positive shapes for Kandinsky, so we hope that you enjoy our pictures!

Year 5/6 - How Light Behaves

In science, our unit ‘how light behaves’ builds on our substantive knowledge and enquiry skills from the autumn term. We wanted to investigate what would happen if we shone light through water mixed with either glitter, salt or talcum powder.

We played ‘fair test splat’ in order to categorise out variables, then we made predictions with scientific drawings. Finally, we conducted the investigation to see If our predictions were correct. 

We also started our new book, Whale Boy, in writing and investigated the setting in chapter 1. The children created their own mood board to look more closely at the main character’s home area. We even got to listen to some Calypso music!

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