Mastering Geometry

Year 3/4 have been learning about geometry. They discussed the features of each angle type and looked at identifying them in different shapes - and they were allowed to draw on the tables!

Governors in school day

Yesterday, our friendly governors came into school to visit the children and the teachers. They joined in all the lessons, including maths, English and art. The children learned about the role of a governor and our Young Governors told the ‘Old’ governors all about their role in school, too.

Year R - Snow Bears

We couldn’t resist showing you a few more highlight from last week’s learning about the book ‘Snow Bears’. We made our own toast and hot chocolates so that we could warm up when we came in from outside, just like the Snow Bears did in the story! We also applied the sculpting skills we have been learning in art to make our own bear faces and used the blue bots to plan a route safely back home.

Year 1/2 - Learning about Judaism

This week we have been looking at Judaism in RE. We learnt all about Passover and even acted out some scenes. Each group had to do a freeze frame from part of the story. We had lots of fun learning about Judaism.

Year 3/4 - Mastering Geometry

In our geometry lessons, we have been learning about different types of angles. We discussed the features of each angle type and looked at identifying them in different shapes. Children in Miss Pascall’s maths group enjoyed using chalk pens to draw the angles they could see in the shapes made by masking tape on the tables!

Year 5/6 - Designing food for a celebration

Year 5/6 have been thinking about food that is used as part of a cultural celebration in Design and Technology, focussing on Chinese New Year. They explored the significance of spring rolls and what they represent. The children evaluated different ingredients and thought about which combinations of vegetables worked together. They used these evaluations to design their own spring rolls to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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