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Out of the blue

Our Spiritual Garden has had a makeover thanks to the inspirational design from Lucy P, in Year 5. The image symbolises our Vision and Values perfectly. Well done, Lucy. You can read about this and see a short video of how this came to life in our blog this week. Plus, see how Year 3/4 program Bluetooth devices using SamLabs, find out who Nibbles the Book Monster is and be enticed to visit a beautiful island.

A wall came to life

It has taken a while but our wall has finally come to life.  Back in December 2021 we ran a competition to design an image for the white wall in our Spiritual Garden. We didn’t have that many entries but all of the ideas we received were brilliant. Thank you to everyone who did participate.

It is my cousin – Scott – who was able to bring Lucy’s design to reality. After some challenges with aligning dates and working around the weather we finally were able to paint the wall in the February half term. I am immensely grateful to Scott who willingly gave up his time (and paint) – thank you, Scott!

We did not have time to complete the second half – so the good news is that we will be running the competition to design this and Scott said he would love to come back and bring the children’s ideas to life again. Watch this space for more information.

Year R - Nibbles the Book Monster

This week in Year R we have been enjoying sharing the book Nibbles by Emma Yarlett. We absolutely love this book! We have been using our drawing skills to follow instructions of how to draw Nibbles the Book Monster and we have even made a moving Nibbles Monster using spilt pins. We have enjoyed the sunshine and been developing our body control skills on the outside equipment.

Year 1/2 - UFO Landing Site

The children in year ½ have made an exciting discovery this week. Whilst on a walk around the school grounds the children came across some strange markings, scorch marks, green goo and silver smoke. The children had some brilliant ideas about what the discovery could be ranging from a dinosaur’s nest, a lion’s den and a giant’s footprint!

The children then read the book ‘UFO Diary’ and realised that the strange marks must have been from the UFO in the story!

Year 3/4 -Controlling Bluetooth Devices

Year 3 and 4 have been investigating how bluetooth devices can be controlled by programming. Using the Learn Pads and Sam Labs, children have demonstrated excellent team building skills by working together to programme and build a moving ‘car’. By pairing the devices through bluetooth, we were able to control the motors on our cars to move the wheels. Some of us were successful in getting our car to move in a straight line… others of us had some spinning going on!

Year 5/6 - Writing Holiday Brochures

The children finished their writing of a holiday brochure to persuade their reader to visit the beautiful fictional island of Liberty from the story Whale Boy. They used a range of grammar and punctuation features such as passive voice, commands, hyphens and modal verbs.

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