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Sun is shining

You must check out the amazing artwork in this week’s blog. You’ll find a selection of stunning sunsets in the style of Ivan Aivazovsky, like the one above, plus Paul Klee geometric faces by Year R. All that and much more right here.

Year R - Paul Klee Faces

In Art, Year R have been learning about the portrait artist, Paul Klee. He used geometric shapes and big blocks of bright colour to create his masterpieces. The children drew around shapes to help add the key facial features and then used oil pastels to make their portraits bright and colourful. Don’t they look amazing! Well done, Year R.

Year 1/2 - Painters of the Sea

In Art we have been looking at the work of Ivan Aivazovsky, who is considered to be one of the best painters of the sea. We learnt that people like paintings of the sea because of the emotions they create. We then tried to create our own seascapes in the style of Ivan Aivazovsky. Don’t they look amazing!

Year 3/4 - Sam Space

In computing sessions, Year 3/4 have been using bluetooth technology to make a nightlight.  Firstly, the children discussed the differences between natural and artificial light and some of the sources of each.  Groups then used a tablet to access an app called ‘Sam Space’ which uses block coding to make outputs happen from various inputs.  In this case the button and toggle made the LED light change colour after a set time.  They then paired a real Bluetooth LED to their code causing the actual LED to light up.  In future sessions, the children will make the light move and design a cover that lets the light emit through in a relaxing way thus creating their own night light!

Year 5/6 - Visit the Island of Liberty!

The children finished their writing of a holiday brochure to persuade their reader to visit the beautiful fictional island of Liberty from the story Whale Boy. They used a range of grammar and punctuation features such as passive voice, commands, hyphens and modal verbs.

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