Jungle Book

There has been a lot of fun in the run up to the end of term. Year 1/2 and Year 3/4 have been making frame structures in their design technology lessons - developing their ‘finger fluency’! Year R have been making the most of the (slightly) milder weather and Year 5/6 have been experimenting with ‘energy balls’. And, what a performance by our Musical Theatre Club!

Jungle Book Performance - Musical Theatre

On Saturday 25th March 58 children from Years 3 – 6 sang, danced and acted their hearts out in front of over 300 people as they performed The Jungle Book at the Lantern Theatre, Mountbatten School over two performances. 

Mrs Renyard and I are so proud of all their hard work over the last 7 months; learning lines, songs and dances.  A huge thank you to all the parents who helped on the day and to our lovely office staff and Miss Knight for sorting out tickets and money.  I am delighted to say we have raised an amazing at least £1800 for Marwell Zoo’s conservation work. We will update you with news from Marwell soon!

To all the children involved- you are fantastic and your enthusiasm shone through.

Thank you,
Mrs Phelps

Year R - Learning Outside

Year R always love learning outside! This week we have been investigating how scooter boards move on different surfaces, finding what happens to water beads when you pour them into sieves, funnels, jugs and nets and performing stories, songs and dances on our stage area.

Year 1/2 - Making Structured Frames

The last two weeks in DT we have been making structured frames! The children started practicing by building anchor frames and brace frames. Then the children made chairs for their cuddly toys to sit in. This was really tricky but Yr ½ did fantastic work!

Year 3/4 - Building Shell Structures

This week, we have been practising our finger fluency in design technology; learning some shaping and joining techniques. Using corrugated cardboard, we have made: corners, curves, feet, tabs, slots and flanges! We will now be able to design and build a shell structure capable of supporting a chocolate egg…. Just in time for Easter!

Year 5/6 - Energy Balls

As part of our ‘controlling circuits’ science unit, we have been using data loggers to record how the brightness of a bulb changes over the course of the day.

We recorded our results, discussed them and wrote conclusions to explain why we thought the brightness had decreased. 

We also had fun experimenting with Energy Balls. We made a human circuit, using different parts of our bodies as the switch to see if we could make the Energy Ball light up and buzz. We even made a whole class circuit!

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