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African Art

We have more fabulous artwork to share with you this week. You must see Year 5/6's vibrant pieces based on Richard Kimbo’s art about Africa and Year 3/4 have been sculpting in the style of Susan Lordi all about family and relationships. Elsewhere around the school, Year R have been storytelling and Year 1/2 have been getting to grips with their ‘speedy words’ in their phonics lessons.

Year R - Creating Storytelling Worlds

Year R have been enjoying working together this week to create ‘Storytelling Worlds’. We had a brilliant time planning and collecting the things we would need and then telling our own stories together.

Year 1/2 - Phonics

Year 1/2 have been enjoying being in their new phonics groups this term. They love to work with their partners to be the ‘teacher’ and teach their partner the new sounds that they are learning! Getting to read a new book each week is very exciting and they love to see how quickly they can read their speedy words!

Year 3/4 - Sculpture Artists

This week, we have been learning about the sculpture artist Susan Lordi. We looked at her sculptures of family relationships and then used clay to create our own. Susan Lordi’s sculptures don’t have facial features and so use the body to depict emotions. During the lesson, we learned about different ways to work with clay and how to attach pieces of clay together using score and slip methods. We loved it! Enjoy looking at our creations!

Year 5/6 - Richard Kimbo's Art

In art, the children designed a picture based on South African artist Richard Kimbo’s artwork about Africa. They were tasked with creating their own batik using bright colours. They mixed flour and water to act as a barrier rather than wax, after painting, the hardened flour mixture was scraped away to reveal the outlines!

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