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Travel Plan

Our aims for pupil and staff travel to school

Our Travel Plan

We actively encourage all our pupils and staff to walk, wheel, scoot or cycle to school. There are lots of benefits to travelling to school in this way, including:

  • Helping to keep us fit and healthy.
  • Supporting the development of road safety skills and other associated life skills.
  • Helping to make our local air cleaner, and roads more clear of congestion.
  • Reducing the school community’s carbon footprint.
On this page you will be able to find information about how you can incorporate walking or cycling into your journey, as well as guidance on how to park responsibly around the school area if you travel by car. 

Useful links

My Journey Website

For planning your journey

HCC Parking and Traffic page

To report parking violations

Travel Map for walking, cycling, and Park and Stride

This Walking and Cycling map is a useful guide to help understand your travel options. (Click the map view it more clearly in full screen).

We understand that it is not always easy, or possible, for everybody to walk all the way to school, for example due to distance or time restraints. “Park and Stride” – driving close to the school and then walking the rest of the way – can be a great option as it provides a good opportunity for exercise and helps to reduce congestion and pollution around the school area. This map shows how far it would be to walk or cycle if you park at different areas near the school.

Parking responsibly

We recognise that for some families, using a car is the only viable option for getting to and from school. Please make sure that if you are parking, you find somewhere that is safe and in accordance with the Highway Code. Click here to view the Parkwise Promise leaflet, which gives lots of information about responsible parking around schools and the regulations. 

The County Council is responsible for on-street civil parking enforcement, in partnership with the service provider, NSL. To report an on-street parking contravention, such as yellow lines, visit, select ‘Report a Parking Contravention’ tile and complete the form.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) can be issued for:

  • Waiting or parking on School Keep Clear zig-zag lines and controlled pedestrian crossings
  • Waiting or parking on single yellow lines during their times of operation, double yellow lines at any time and on pavements unless signs permit it
  • Parking in residents’ or disabled parking bays unless you are entitled to do so and can display a valid badge
  • Stopping or parking in taxi ranks or on cycle lanes during their period of operation
  • Parking outside marked bays 
  • Staying too long in time-limited waiting areas
  • Failing to pay and display a valid parking ticket where there is a parking charge
  • Obstructing pedestrian or vehicle access points where there are dropped kerbs
  • Double parking


Top Tips for travelling safely:

From Modeshift STARS, our Travel Plan partners.

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