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New beginnings… and a sad ending

This week, we have there has been lots of new beginnings. New teachers, new classrooms, new books - and children starting school for the first time! Our children have loved being back in school and it has been wonderful to see their smiles and hear their joy around the school. However, today is also a sad day as we mourn the passing of Her Majesty the Queen, the longest-reigning monarch our country has known.

Year R - Welcome to Team Rownhams

We have been welcomed into the homes of the children who are joining Rownhams this year and the team have enjoyed this special time to get to know each child and family. The children have come into school in the afternoons to explore their new classroom environment and parents have had the chance to find out about the importance of physical development with help from Matt Alford, one of our governors.

Year 1/2 - A brilliant start to the year

We have had a brilliant start to the year and the children have settled into life in year 1/2 well. This week in maths they have been showing of their maths skills through measuring their friends, seeing how heavy objects were and seeing how high they could count. They have also used their space and reasoning skills when making pictures out of Numicon shapes.

Year 3/4 - New Beginnings

Wow, what a start to the new year!  Lots of ‘new beginnings’ for all.  Welcome to the new year 3s to to 3 / 4 and welcome back to the year 4s.  We jumped straight into the learning this week with our writing work on ‘The Tale of Two Beasts’ about a little girl and a creature who strike up an unusual relationship and our reading work focusing  on a text called ‘Ice Bear’ which is a mixture of figurative and non-fiction writing.  Both books are giving us lots of great learning opportunities.


In Art we are studying the work of Vincent Van Gogh.  We are reflecting on ourselves by looking in mirrors and learning the proportions of our own faces.  We have looked closely at some of Van Gogh’s famous paintings and reflected on what they tell us about him as an artist and his style.  Using his work as an inspiration, we painted self portraits using a dabbing style of painting.

Year 5/6 - Inspired by Thomas Gainsborough

It has been a fantastic start back in 5/6. We have started the term with our portraits topic again – this year using Thomas Gainsborough as our inspiration. As he became famous for his portraits using warm and cold contrasting colours, the children have tried to paint portraits of each other in the same way. They began by sketching facial features individually which we then put together after learning how to proportion heads. 


The adults have been impressed with how smart everyone is looking again as well as the positive attitudes and we are looking forward to meeting as many parents as we can again next Thursday.

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