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Rownhams Returns, again!

We have survived another school closure and we can't wait to welcome back all of our children on Monday.

Well done to all of the children and their families for making it to the end of, what we hope, will be the last national school closure.  We have put together a plan for our return on Monday which has been sent out by ParentMail today but you can also find it on our website on the COVID-19 Information page or by downloading the PDF document – links for both are below:

We also have had some fabulous learning in our final week of home and in-school learning – including a double helping from Year R… Enjoy!

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Year 5/6 have been continuing to learn about earthquakes and tsunamis.  They located the ‘Ring of Fire’ in the Philippines on a world map and looked at how the Earth changed over millions of years from Pangea, where all the continents were joined together ,to the earth as it is now, with separate continents located on tectonic plates.  The children have also learned that it is these tectonic plates that move and cause earthquakes around the world.

The children have been set numerous challenges to help them learn more about the topic and natural disasters around the world. The year group have made floating gardens to show how countries survive during floods and erupting volcanoes to show how quickly lava can engulf a town or village.

A cover isn’t a book, open it up and take a look!

This week, in Year R, we have continued our love of reading with our new topic. We have had so much fun exploring books, making real Supertatos and characters from the Gruffalo.  We love world book day in Year R and dressed up both in school and for online lessons. Thank you to everyone for making such a fantastic effort.

We have missed our friends at home and have counted down the sleeps until they return! All of us decided to create a surprise for them. We have worked really well together as team builders and are keen to keep the surprise a secret so watch this space for photos in next week’s blog. In Maths we have continued to learn about addition and in Phonics we have been writing independently. Miss Ramsdale has said that we can take it in turns to teach when we get back because we are sound champions!

The Year R team would like to say a BIG thank you to all parents/carers for their amazing support with home learning over the last two months. We have worked together to achieve what seemed the ‘impossible’. It is now your time to take a well-deserved rest. We are so excited to welcome you back on Monday!

You can never have too much of Year R...

What a fun-filled week we have had in Year R, last week! We were busy making pirate flags, bird feeders, painting pictures, mixing colours, building pirate ships (we even had a pirate cake made!) and created our own pirate islands using playdough and junk modelling. The children had so much fun measuring different items and body parts using different objects and particularly enjoyed sending cars down ramps and measuring the distance of each! 

We were also blown away with Year Rs wonderful writing. They have been writing secret sentences and recording diaries of their day and week. In school, the children helped re-create our outside area, ready for when everyone is back! We are confident you will all love it!

Book Day and Biomes in Year 3/4

With the arrival of World Book day yesterday, some new characters appeared in the Year 3 /4 classroom. I wonder if you can guess who they are? We hope that at home, you have also been able to access some of the fantastic resources available from the World Book Day website Whether you want to find video stories, free audio books or some reading recommendations; or discover some top tips from authors or illustrators, there is plenty to explore.

This week, in our Bloomin Marvellous Project, we have each been busy designing a new and inspiring visitor attraction! Just like the Eden Project in Cornwall, our plant themed attractions feature different Biomes, where specially adapted plants can thrive in the conditions that suit them best. If you’ve ever wondered why certain plants grow in the Rainforest, Freshwater, Desert or Tundra, then the Year 3 / 4 visitor guides will answer your questions!

As we reach the end of this period of home-school learning and the end of our read aloud story, Gangsta Granny (written by David Walliams), we echo the thoughts of all the staff at Rownhams – We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the children both in school and at home and are immensely proud of the things you have achieved in this chapter of your stories.

Chicken or egg?

This week we started with the question…’what came first, the chicken or the egg?’  We drew a life cycle of a chicken and egg and then saw how easily an egg breaks when it is dropped! We read the story, ‘The Egg Drop’ and this inspired us to test materials and think of different designs to slow our egg down and protect it in the fall!  Year 1/2 had great fun designing, testing and evaluating our designs- in school and at home! We were sent some brilliant photos and award- winning videos!  Well done everyone for your super efforts!

World Book Day showed the same enthusiasm – with great costumes, props and attendance to the 3 online workshops: a book quiz with Miss Knight, Drama with Mrs Chappell and a busy 3 activity craft session with Mrs Baxter: some children even managed to make all 3: a crown, crocodile and a wand!

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