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Spring is in the air

We have made it to half term so next week you can all have a much deserved break from home-schooling. I know that all the busy mums, dads and carers will be thankful to be just that - rather than a teacher, too. Well done everyone for such a great effort for keeping it all going for 6 weeks!

This week, Spring is in the air, thanks to Year 1/2, despite the chilly weather. Their poems will warm you up inside! Year R are continuing on their pirate adventure, Year 5/6 have been taking on series of ‘home challenges’ and Year 3/4 have created Roman catapults.

Also, you can find our updated Remote Learning Policy by following the link below.

Spring is in the air

First, we read poems and performed them, saying which were our favourite ones. Next, we brainstormed our ideas and wrote our own acrostic poems about Spring.

We had fun writing our own similes about all sorts of themes like colourful rainbows, The Twits, by Roald Dahl and all about us!  We have ended the week by using lots of description, alliteration and similes in our own Spring Shape poems, in the shape of lambs, chicks, rabbits and daffodils!

Thank you for everyone’s super efforts….you are encouraging the Spring!

Our Pirate Adventure Continues...

So our pirate adventure continues in Year R… We have made boats, pirate necklaces and cutlasses. We even dressed up as pirates and walked the plank! Year R have drawn around themselves and created their own life size pirate, adding lots of accessories. We have been out and about making the most of the snowy weather, identifying changes and writing sounds on the icy ground. Our teachers have been blown away by our learning this week, we have challenged ourselves to write simple sentences and have found lots of different ways to make 8. Year R have led lots of games at home this week and I think it’s safe to say that our families are experts in reading red words. Thank you to all the parents/carers for your continued support.

A Home Challenge!

As part of keeping well during this lockdown, Y5/6 were set a number of different challenges to complete.  They ranged from active games, art ideas, to joke making and reading in interesting places.

As usual, Y5/6 have come up with some awesome ideas and have been sharing with us their ‘Home Challenge’ outcomes.

Well done everyone on your efforts as they have made us all smile – so keep sharing them with us 🙂

Catapult Challenge

A huge highlight of this week was our ‘Catapult Challenge’, where children in school and at home tested the Roman Catapults they had been busy designing and making throughout the half term. Well done to all of the children who took part, we were so impressed with the thought and effort you put into your creations and huge congratulations to our winners, Emily Alldridge and Ollie Elderfield.

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