Mammoth Invasion!

This week in Y3/4 we have had a Mammoth Invasion as our children continue to learn about the stone-age! You can also read about why we believe that ‘learning is a change in long-term memory’.

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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

We believe that being active and healthy is an essential part of what we offer and promote at Rownhams. This academic year we have had to make some changes to how we organise our PE but it is our hope that this is also an opportunity to further raise the profile and quality of what we do – and get even more children active, healthy – and competitive!

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Learn to Learn

What are 'Learning Buttons'?

This week our children have been reminding themselves about our ‘Learning Buttons’.  These are our key learning behaviours that we strive to show every day – including the adults! We call them Learning Buttons because we can  ‘push’ the right button when we need to boost our positive attitude to learn something new!


We believe it’s important for us to have something we can hold onto when talking about ‘what makes a good learner’. By using the Learning Buttons in our daily lessons we encourage children to talk about their learning explicitly – knowing where their strengths and weaknesses are – and talking about what they can do to be a better learner.


Perhaps, on your walk, cycle or drive home today you could ask your child about what learning button they have been pushing today!

You can read more about our Learning Buttons on the Curriculum page of our website here.

One-Way System

Finally, just a reminder for children and their parents to follow our one-way system, including using  the exits listed on our plan. 


I understand some parents’ frustrations with the one-way system and the limited number of exits but we are trying to control the flow of parents and keep you and your children safe. It does mean you have to walk a bit further but minimising contact is  especially important as we are seeing a rise in Coronavirus cases locally and nationally.


I have asked my excellent team of LSAs to provide helpful reminders about which way to go and to challenge parents who try to use the wrong exit.


Please avoid using the wrong exit and putting them in the difficult position of having to ask you to use the right exit. We especially do not accept or tolerate any parent or member of the family being abusive over the matter. Please be kind – they are only doing their job!


Our Covid-19 risk assessment is under constant review and when we feel it is safe or more appropriate to adopt a different approach we will inform you via our usual system of ParentMail


Many thanks for your understanding on this matter.

Welcome to our new starters (September 2020)

Welcome to all of our children and families who will be joining us in September 2020. Unfortunately, this year we have been unable to offer the same transition as we would do normally because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. So, we have created this page to share the key information you need for your child’s first day at school.

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Goodbye and Good Luck Year 6!

It has been a very different Summer Term but we are truly grateful for the support from our whole community. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to our Year 6 children and to start to welcome our new Year R children in September – exciting times for all. We also look forward to welcoming back our Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 children who we have all missed so much!

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Celebration Time

It was fantastic seeing everyone together in our first Virtual Celebration Assembly this week. Seeing everyone in ‘one-space’ even though it was online was very special, especially being able to hear about all the different things that are going on around the school. It was a refreshing change when we have all been restricted to our little bubbles or at home away from our friends. Our teachers have been busy this week putting the finishing touches to end of year reports and class lists ready for release next week!

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Bubble Trouble

We have been busy at Rownhams this week with lots of fun learning, a ‘bubble’ closure and we have some staff changes to update you with. Our PTA have also been busy raising money for the school – they held a Treasure Hunt, which was a great success. Our Year 6 children been busy getting ready for their production of the Lion King – as seen in the featured image this week and there is some information on transition for our pupils heading to Romsey School.

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