It’s a stitch up

Year R - Self-Portraits

In our Art lessons this half term, we have been learning to create self-portraits. First we looked carefully at the parts of our face in the mirror and practised drawing our faces with pencil. Then we painted our face, thinking carefully about the colour of our skin, and added the details using oil pastels. Next we will create sculptures of our faces using clay.

Year 1/2 - Flashlight

This week the children have started a new book in English called Flashlight! On Wednesday the children went on a very exciting adventure! Using their torches they walked through the woodlands to see if they could spot any nocturnal animals to write about. They also thought of adjectives they could use to describe these animals. Take a look at what the children found…

Year 3/4 - Skillful Stitching

This week, year 3/4 completed the final stage of their sewing DT project.  Each child had the challenge to make a pencil case that could hold up to 5 pencils.  The first stage involved sewing to different sized rectangles together using blanket stitch.  The next task involved cutting out a design and then use running stitch to attach it to the cover.  


The year 3/4 team would like to thank the parent helpers who came to help – it made such a difference to the outcome!  Here are some pictures of the afternoon.

Year 5/6 - Creating tetrahedral kites

After consolidating our multiplication in maths, writing how to care for our deadly animals and revisiting Ancient Egypt, we returned to the daunting task of creating a tetrahedral kite…

After feeling initially daunted by the tasks, with some additional guidance on joining techniques, we were able to create some very successful group examples that passed our flight tests well – and stayed in one piece! Well done 5/6.

It’s all a balancing act

Some of our Year 1/2 were lucky enough to be invited to the Gymnastics Festival. They had a wonderful time getting stuck into all sorts of activities. Year 3/4 have continued to be inspired by the artist LS Lowry, Year 5/6 have been mapping in geography, coding in computing and studying a significant architect called Zaha Hadid. Year R have been on autumn adventures!

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Inclusion Day was a blast! The children (and adults!) had so much fun getting stuck into a variety of active and engaging activities. Everyone had a go at something, which included archery, New Age Kurling, water game, Nerf guns – and much more. It was a great day to show off our Learning Buttons – especially the Team Builder and Go-Getter buttons. The day made for the perfect opportunity to work together and get to know their new classes. Thank you to Personal Best Education, and the students from Mountbatten for leading the day and making it so successful. This week, in the blog, you can see all the photos from the day, plus more, including the science behind the story of Three Little Pigs(!), measuring the dark and perfect pop art!

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Egg drop

This week we have witnessed the miracle of new life as our visiting chicks were born – some in front of our very eyes! Yesterday, we were glued to the incubating chamber as one of our feathered friends pushed his way out into the real world. The first thing he saw? A gaggle of children, LSAs and teachers (and Headteacher!) glued to the unfolding event. Don’t worry, we didn’t drop any of the ‘visiting’ eggs but you can read about Year 1/2’s science experiment in this week’s blog.

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